Getting more engagement through questions

Have you ever wondered what makes some blog posts more engaging than others? Or how come some blog writers nail it when it comes to engagement whereas others just seem to write for the page, but don’t get much engagement if any? The secret to generating more engagement is making your writing more conversational. This doesn’t mean you have to write dialogue, but think about how you speak to your potential clients.

A key element to getting more engagement is asking questions. This makes the reader feel directly addressed. Even if you provide the answer in the very next sentence, it makes the brain engage more than if you had just made a statement without asking the question first. Just like I did in the very first paragraph.

So how can you do that, what sort of questions can you ask, especially when you’re new to all this? (See, what I did there?)

You can ask some questions such as

  • Did you know ….?
  • Have you ever wondered …?
  • When was the last time …?

You get the idea.

Another way could be to create a question around the outcome your blog post offers. Here are some concrete ideas:

  • Do your chocolate chip cookies always turn out soft and moist, just how you like them?
  • Are your investments bringing you the return you are expecting?
  • Are your roses going limp the same day you buy them?

Additional ideas for more engagement

There are, of course, other tips to increase engagement. Here are a few of them:

  • Make your text easier to read by avoiding long blocks of text; give people a mental breather by creating shorter paragraphs and increasing the white space around the text
  • Use we’ll, you’ll, we’re rather than long form – less formal, more engaging
  • Talk to your audience and speak with your audience rather than talking at them; use the word YOU in your writing

If you make your article more of a conversation than a monologue, chances are you get more engagement.

Over to you

Think about how you can incorporate questions for your particular topic and incorporate a few in your next blog post. They work especially well in the opening paragraph.

This is only one of the many strategies I teach when working with my blogging clients.
If you want to learn more about what I do, please click here.

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