To blog or to outsource your blogging – that is the question

There comes a time in your business when you start to consider outsourcing tasks.  You realise that there may be things that could be done better, quicker or simply just done, if they were given to someone else. Should you outsource your blogging?

Here are some pros for outsourcing your blogging and for keeping it in-house.

Reasons to outsource your blogging

You simply don’t have the time

… and neither does anyone in your team. Your company is probably still small (but perfectly formed) and everyone knows their job and is really good at it. Blogging is something you know you should be doing to grow your online presence, but no-one in your team has any spare time for it. Outsourcing is the only feasible option.

You don’t like writing or aren’t good at it

Again, you know in your heart of hearts that blogging is the way to go, but writing simply isn’t your thing. You could vlog (video-blog), but you still need a good transcript for SEO purposes. Google can’t (yet) use video content in their algorithm, even though the presence of video is a plus point for SEO. If video is not an option for you, then outsourcing your blogging is the next best thing. Get a professional writer and work closely with them to get the content you need.

Your blogging is hit and miss

Maybe you do like writing and are even quite good at it. Perhaps you blog every now and again when you have the time. But you are not consistent. Look at getting help from a professional blog writer, or at least, get someone to prod you on a regular basis to get the content out. Maybe you could hire a Virtual Assistant to edit and upload the posts for you – they can then also keep you accountable for providing regular content. Better still, get someone to write for you on a regular basis and use your own sporadic creations as bonus posts now and again.

If you decide to outsource your blogging, find someone who speaks your language perfectly, in every sense of the word. You need a blog writing professional with exceptional spelling, grammar and the know-how to adapt their writing to your and your company’s style and branding.

Why you might want to keep you blogging in-house

You are the expert

You have specialist knowledge that is difficult to replicate. It would be hard for someone to research online what you know and to come up with the kind of content you would want to share. This is the perfect case for keeping your blogging in-house.  Getting some training would help you to blog more effectively.

You love writing and connecting with your audience

Having a love for writing means you are half way there. If you love what you do, and you love to write about it, you are perfectly placed to do your own blogging.

You’re not sure someone outside the company could get it right

Your company has a unique tone of voice when it comes to communicating with your audience. It can be difficult for an outsider to get that right, so ideally it will be you or someone in your team, that will be blogging.

In all these cases, you need to ensure you are aware of the “technical” aspects of blogging: how to structure your posts, what to include, how to make the most of your posts, etc. Make sure you have the knowledge to leverage this powerful marketing tool to grow your business.

You don’t have to outsource all your blogging tasks

You can also opt to outsource selected tasks when it comes to blogging. Here’s a list of tasks you could potentially outsource:

  • Creation of an editorial calendar
  • Turning your rough notes into a proper blog post
  • Editing and fine tuning
  • Blog image creation
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Uploading onto your website
  • Social media sharing
  • Re-purposing of blog posts for social media
  • Transcribing of vlogs
  • Creation of downloadable pdf files (for use as lead magnets)
  • Comment management

Over to you

Whatever you decide to do, the key thing is to ensure your blogging is done consistently. This is key.

Whether you need training for you (or your team) or you are considering outsourcing your blogging, Well Organised Marketing can help. I have been supporting companies with their blogging efforts for the past 5 years. To find out more, why not get in touch? You can email me at and we can arrange an informal chat via phone or Skype to find out how you can grow your business through blogging.

If you’d like to see what others are saying about my services, please visit the Testimonial page.

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