Do I need special programmes or software for blogging?

Some people think that they need to be very technically savvy to be able to blog and that you might need special programmes on your computer for it. In short, this is not the case. It depends very much on your website whether you can blog or not. You don’t need any other software for blogging and it’s not technically difficult.

Can I have a blog on my website?

If your website is WordPress based, then a blog is pretty much part of it. WordPress was originally a blogging platform. It was then further developed so that people can now use it to build websites. But blogging is pretty much at the heart of it. If you’re not sure, ask your web designer whether they built your website with WordPress.

If you have used DIY website builders such as Wix or Weebly you’ll need to check how you can integrate a blog into it. It’ll be part of the setup of the website. Both Wix and Weebly have blogging options (I’ve checked) so you should be able to add blogging functionality into your website.

If your website was built with Joomla or Drupal (again, your web designer will know) you can add a blog with no problems. Your web designer will be able help you with this.

Some websites are purely coded, which means no particular package was used to create them. As this is usually done by a web designer, they will also know how to integrate a blog into your website, so I’m yet again referring you to them.

All of the above does not mean that you need any other programmes installed on your computer. Once your web designer has added a blog to your website (and shown you how to log into it) you can use it.

Do I need any other software for blogging?

I recommend you write out your blog posts first. You can use Word or any other word processing programme that you normally use. This way you don’t lose your work should the internet have a bad day. Once you are happy with your blog post, add an appealing headline and an image. Make sure you only use royalty free images that you can use for commercial purposes. Pixabay is a great resource for free images that I use all the time. If you’re feeling particularly creative you can use Canva to create your own images with text overlay. Both of these resources are free to use.

Then copy/paste the headline and text into your blog, add a category, some tags and the image and publish your post. The details of this will be different for each blogging platform but they’re usually very intuitive and easy to navigate.

I have created a video for WordPress, my blogging platform of choice, that you can watch below. You will find similar videos for almost any blogging platform on YouTube, just do a search for yours.

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