How to promote your products or services on your blog

This title is a little bit misleading as you should never, I repeat NEVER promote your products on your blog as you would on a sales page. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t talk about your products or services. On the contrary.

Your blog is a great place to educate your readers (and potential customers/clients/patients/etc.) about the features you are offering. You can give in-depth technical explanations that you wouldn’t want to go into on a sales page, which is usually written with benefits in mind. We’re always taught that we should sell benefits, not features but this doesn’t apply to your blog. You can go into much more technical details here.

You can also talk about your products or services and how they have helped existing clients. Use a case study to go into detail what the situation was before and how your business has helped the client improve their situation through your products and/or services.

Another way, that works particularly well for products are hacks. How can people use your products differently? Something totally off the wall, something the product was not intended for, but works really well. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, watch this video about bulldog clips (binder clips) and see the ingenious uses people have come up with.

We all know their primary use is to hold paper together but they can do so much more. If you’re not intrigued already, did you know you can use them as cable holders, to keep your razor safe while travelling or as replacement keyboard legs? I love hacks like that!

Finally, you could talk about the history of your product or service. How you came up with the idea, what problem you are trying to solve, etc. Give people insight into your inspiration and your journey.

Promote your products or services subtly, tactfully and cleverly

You have to do all of the above in an authentic and factual way that is informative and educational. Don’t use hype or sales tactics. Your blog is not the place for it. People read your blog to find out more about what you do, learn from your expertise and make a decision based on the trust you’re gaining in the process. You can erode this trust pretty quickly if people feel you’re selling to them. We all like to buy, but no-one likes to be sold to – think of the negative image of used car salesmen and you know what I mean.

By all means, lead them to the product sales page with a call to action or invite them to give you a call to find out more. This would be a logical next step after reading a product/service based blog article. Your sales page is the place to properly promote your products or services but keep your blog page free from sales messages.

Over to you

What can you do to let your readers learn more about your products or services? Can you explain little know technical details of a product? Are there certain aspects of your service you would like your audience to know about? Or are there alternative ways to use your products – you could ask existing clients in a survey whether they have come up with anything.

This is only one of the many strategies I teach when working with my blogging clients.
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