Why you should be Blogging in the Property Industry

Whether you’re an estate or letting agent or a property maintenance company, your business could benefit immensely from blogging. Writing a property blog takes dedication but the results are well worth the effort.

As in any industry, the main benefit of blogging is the increased traffic it will bring to your website. This is due to you adding regular, relevant content to your website and increasing the number of web pages your site has every time you add a blog post.

You can build up your expert status by writing about your subject and giving relevant tips and advice. You want to share know-how so that people learn to trust you. Property is a big investment, it requires more trust to close the deal than lower value purchases so building your potential client’s trust is important.

There are, of course, the added benefits of making it easier to connect with others in your industry and to create a platform for your brand.

But what would you talk about on a property blog?

There are the obvious topics, such as showcasing properties that may be harder to shift or tips for selling/renting your house quicker. But there are so many more ideas. Here are just a few of them.

  • How to increase curb appeal
  • Tips to showcase your house for a viewing
  • Home maintenance tips
  • Information about home insurance
  • Top tips for landlords
  • How to get a good deal if you’re renting
  • Why people should move to a certain area
  • Decorating and style ideas

If you’re a letting agent, cover stories suitable for landlords as well as tenants. Are you an estate agent? Make sure there’s something of interest for sellers and buyers. And as for property maintenance firms, you’ll also want to have something interesting for all your different types of clients, whether that’s individual property owners/landlords or lettings agents.

Writing a property blog, like any other blog requires a little bit of creativity (what would my audience be interested in) but mostly the tenacity to stick with it. For blogging to be an asset for your business, it needs to be done regularly. This is ideally weekly (or more) but bi-weekly will do. And you have to stick with it. Don’t expect results immediately; it’s a long-term strategy but well worth the effort.

Over to you

Are you thinking about starting a property blog on your website? Brainstorm some ideas with your team and simply start. If you need help, please get in touch. I provide blogging training to growing businesses in many different industries. To find out what previous clients are saying about the training they received, please visit my testimonial page.

To get in touch, simply send me an email isi@wellorganised.org and we’ll arrange a mutually suitable time for a “getting to know you” call. 😊

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