How to use Related Posts to Keep Your Audience

If you ever study your Google Analytics results, it can be quite scary when you look at how little time people spend on your website. Ideally we want people on our website for several minutes, enough time to find out what we do and who we are as a company.  You can usually find this information on the home page or the about page. Well written blog posts also contribute to this picture. But what if the numbers show the majority of people jumping off your site after only a few seconds without ever going anywhere else? This is where a section called “Related Posts” can help.

You can usually find Related Posts at the bottom of the blog.  They link to other blog posts you have written on the same topic. If the reader is interested in an article, they will read all the way to the bottom – there they will find more articles of interest to them and be enticed to click and stay on your website for longer.

In WordPress this is achieved by using plugins and below I have given you an overview of a few FREE (in 2018) ‘Related Post’ plugins.


With Yuzo you get a plugin that has a variety of options. There is also a built-in cache making sure your site-speed doesn’t suffer from the additional content. Nobody likes or will stay on a slow-loading website.

Related Posts for WordPress

The developers built this free tool for speed as not to slow down your website. It hasn’t as many features as some of the others but works just as well.

Inline Related Posts

If you’re after a plugin that adds related content in between your text paragraphs, as you might have seen on some news websites, this is the plugin for you. Easy to setup with the option to select where and how the links are displayed within your text.

Over to you

Now it’s time for you to decide whether this is something you would like to install on your blog. If you don’t use WordPress, speak to your web developer how to install a “Related Posts” section on your blog.

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