7 Ways to Make Your Content Work Harder

Creating more content doesn’t necessarily mean coming up with new topics all the time. You can repurpose content, show it in a new and interesting way and voila, you have more content without the topic being different. This technique is called repurposing.

There are many benefits of repurposing old content.

  • Work smarter, not harder. You don’t have to come up with new stuff ALL the time.
  • Make your content accessible on different media and reach new audiences.
  • Breathe new life into older but still relevant content.

How to repurpose content

Just because you wrote a blog article about a subject, doesn’t mean the subject is finished with. You can now do one of the following to ensure you get as much mileage out of it as possible.

  1. Deepen your article
    If you wrote a blog post with 5 tips on how to achieve something, why not go into much more detail on some or even all of your tips by creating an individual post for each of them.
  2. Tweet insights
    Your article is probably full of little snippets of information that can be shared individually on Twitter. You can link each of these tidbits back to your blog post, increasing its online exposure.
  3. Create a LinkedIn article
    Write a new introduction to your article. Make it really interesting and write it up as a LinkedIn article. These get more exposure on LinkedIn than standard updates. Make sure you link to your blog post on your website for more information just before you go into the juicy details.
  4. Record a video for YouTube
    YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google so make use of this powerful tool. You can either talk about your topic in front of the camera or talk people through a PowerPoint presentation or similar with screen capture software such as Screencast-o-matic.
  5. Create an infographic
    You can give your article a whole new look by creating an infographic with one of the many available free online tools. This can then be shared on Pinterest or transformed into another blog post.
  6. Create an eBook
    Collate blog posts on similar topics into an eBook. You can simply save a Word document as a pdf-file for a very quick and easy solution. You can then offer the eBook as a freebie to work on your email list building.
  7. Update outdated posts
    If you have older posts that refer to tools, software or social media sites that no longer exist, create an updated version with the latest and greatest.

These are the most common ways to repurpose content. There are many others including podcasting, publishing to social bookmarking sites and even publishing physical books from your blog content. Just get creative.

Over to you

Have you ever tried to repurpose content? What was your experience? Please share in the comments.

This is one of the strategies I teach when working with my blogging clients.
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