Business Blogging Training

Make the most of your knowledge to boost your sales.

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner with a website that is not performing, I can help you.  All you need to produce interesting and engaging blogs that will boost your SEO and bring in more, and more relevant, traffic, is to use your knowledge coupled with a few basic skills.  In my blogging training, I will teach you to develop a strong strategy, provide consistent accountability and regular feedback. And, of course, we will cover tools to engage and communicate with your audience, and the ability to convert the leads into profit.  And then all you need is to believe that you can do it – because you can.

A few small steps to a very powerful tool.

I myself am an entrepreneur with 8 years’ experience in blogging in many industries, a degree in marketing and a firm background in adult education.  This puts me in the perfect position to work with you to develop and hone a successful, ongoing blog strategy for you and your business; with simple steps, well-explained targets and a firm connection with your SEO and social media activity, it will become your most powerful tool.

Blogging Training Packages

All programmes run for 3 months and consist of a personalised 2hour intensive blogging training session that covers everything you need to get you started on your blogging journey. You will also receive ongoing email support for the duration of your programme as well as access to Business Blogging Made Easy (my online blogging course). In addition, you will receive regular blogging coaching depending on which programme you choose. Which of these options is right for you?

Ultimate Blogging Training (with weekly coaching)

This option is for high achieving people who want to move extraordinarily fast in their blogging efforts. In this programme, we schedule weekly calls to keep you on track and speeding through the process of creating weekly high quality content. I give you the crucial feedback for every blog post to get you moving quickly. This programme creates the best results by far because you simply have more time with me and more guidance from me.

Advanced Blogging Training (with twice monthly coaching)

Suitable for entrepreneurs who want to work somewhat independently but still receive regular feedback. They may want to blog weekly or twice monthly to build up their content libraries at a reasonable speed and want to be held accountable during the process. This is the most popular option and will give you the guidance and accountability you need.

Basic Blogging Training (with monthly coaching)

This option is for independent types who want to take consistent action in content creation, strategize, collaborate and brainstorm with me on any issues that come up, and feel they don’t need to speak every week with me to do this, but still want monthly accountability. With this option, we schedule 3 calls (1 per month), to stay on track and eliminate obstacles currently in your way so you create your content faster than you would on your own.

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Maintenance Blogging Coaching (monthly coaching)

This 3month programme was created for “graduates” of one of the other programs who feel they’ve done most of the groundwork and simply need occasional guidance and accountability. Not recommended for beginners, as there’s no basic training given. The Maintenance Package also includes email support.

Please note: to see results, you need to be totally committed to taking action and have the resources – time, energy and drive – to carry you through. This is not a quick fix. Content marketing can take several months to make a noticeable difference to your business.


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