Setting the Right Business Goals for your Twitter Strategy


Twitter is a great tool in your social media toolbox. It is a good instrument for achieving certain goals, not so good for others. At the end of this blog post you will have a better idea which goals to set if you want to use Twitter as a business tool.

Creating a platform / a following / an audience

Twitter is great at creating an audience and it is easy to measure how big your Twitter following is. The number of followers is displayed front and centre on your Twitter profile.

Creating Brand Awareness

If brand awareness is your goal, chances are you will use your logo as your profile picture, a branded header image and your brand name as your Twitter name and Twitter handle. So every time you post anything on Twitter, your branding is out there. You can create #hashtags with your brand name, taking your online branding even further. And as you can monitor your @mentions, @replies and #hashtags and see how much they are interacted with, you are also able to monitor the achievement of this goal.

Improving Customer Service

Social media, in particular Twitter, can be a great way to improve your customer service. Twitter is public so any occurrence of a customer mentioning you in a positive or negative way, is visible to anyone interested in your brand or company. The way and the speed in which you respond to this is crucial. Always acknowledge your customers’ tweets and respond in a suitable manner, offering thanks for praise and a fast and easy way to resolve the issue for problems. Your customers will be delighted and your followers will be impressed. And through measuring your @mentions and @replies you can keep an eye on numbers as well.

Improving SEO of your Website

Connecting your website with social media and Twitter in particular is a good idea if you want to improve your SEO. Twitter can provide valuable click throughs which are measurable via Google Analytics. You can also create SEO rich content by providing industry specific updates, which will be linked back to your website.

Market Research in Real Time

Why not ask your followers market research questions? Once you have an engaged audience, use them to find out whether to launch your new product with feature A or B, or whether your new service should include or exclude certain elements? You can poll your audience about their hobbies, interests or habits. Ask simple questions and only one question at a time – remember that the answer must fit in the 140 character limit and people are more likely to respond if the answer is a quick yes, no, A, B or one-word answer.

Which of these 5 business goals are you going to achieve with Twitter?

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Elizebeth Drouse
Elizebeth Drouse
6 years ago

Nice issueI think this is a very useful information for people who’s running their own business online.thanks for your sharing.