Social Media Management for Small Business

Marketing is very much done online in the modern world. Gone are the days where you had to fork out thousands of pounds (dollars, euros, etc.) for advertising or had to rely on whether your press releases made it out into the world. Even as a small business it is now possible to play in the same sandpit as the big boys, the large companies and corporation – with the help of Social Media Management for Small Business.

What is involved?

Social Media Management is the day to day running of your Social Media account. This means posting new, relevant and interesting content on a regular basis as well as interacting with you followers or fans. Many businesses like to keep the interaction with potential or current clients in-house to be able to provide customer service directly on Facebook or Twitter which is a very good idea.

But when it comes to coming up with new content each and every day, that’s when outsourcing comes into its own. Here at Well Organised Marketing we provide this service for our clients making sure that relevant content goes out on a regular basis improving our clients’ online reputation in the process.

We can set up your Social Media accounts or run your existing ones, providing your audience with news and tips relevant to your industry as well as targeted sales messages. Posts are generated once a week and released on a daily basis using reliable software or the Social Media’s own calendar options.

Currently available Social Media options

Social Media Management for Small Business - Facebook logo



In an ideal world, 2 – 3 updates should go out on a daily basis. This can include Shares of other people’s posts but should mostly be original content.

Social Media Management for Small Business - Twitter



In this fast moving platform “Less is More” definitely doesn’t work, and 5 – 10 tweets per day are a good starting point.

Social Media Management for Small Business - LinkedIn



This is the most corporate and professional of all the platforms and only requires posting about once a day to stay ahead. You should, however, LinkedIn’s built-in publishing platforms that enables its members to publish blog post-like articles.