How to strengthen your brand through blogging

In the “olden days”, companies had to spend tons of money to build their brand and this meant that only big companies ever got a chance at big market shares. Smaller companies hardly ever got to play with the big boys. With the advance of the internet, this has changed dramatically. Now smaller businesses have every opportunity to play in the big leagues through blogging and social media. Blogging is a great way to strengthen your brand as it gives you the opportunity to get in front of your target audience on a regular basis.

Your brand consists not only of your logo and your colours but also on how you present yourself and on your reputation as a business. And you can influence all of this through regular blogging.

What does your target audience want to read?

You start with your target audience in mind. What is it they’re interested in? What do they want to want to know about? What are their key questions regarding your industry? What are their pain points you can provide answers and solutions for?

Answering these questions in regular blog posts will go a very long way to strengthen your brand online. You will become the go-to person, the business who provides the answers. You are creating your own expert status by writing consistent, high-quality articles about subjects that matter to your target audience.

The importance of consistency to strengthen your brand

You might have noticed that I keep mentioned the words “regular” and “consistent”. These are key. Only through consistency can you build up a reputation as a reliable business. If you only publish something now and again, you are more likely to be perceived as flaky and unreliable and that is really not the image you want to portray. Your own reputation is at stake here so you should take this part seriously.

Keep sharing

Once you have created your content it is important to share it on targeted social media platforms. Where does your audience hang out? If you’re a B2B company, you have to have a presence on LinkedIn and Twitter is probably also your forum. If you’re more B2C then you will do better on Facebook and possibly on Instagram. That is no hard and fast rule, more like a rule of thumb. You have to do some research and work it out for your particular business and industry.

Also, remember that content you wrote a while ago is most likely still valid. If it is, keep sharing those evergreen articles to your audience to get more mileage from your efforts.

Engagement is not only for your audience

Another important part is engagement. Once your articles are starting to get some engagement, make sure you acknowledge this. If people ask follow-up questions in comments, be it directly on the blog or on social media, make sure you reply. Acknowledge people who share your content, don’t take it for granted especially when you’re starting out.

By following these few rules, you will be well on your way to strengthen your brand.

A word of warning

Be aware, however, these strategies do not work overnight. Building your audience and your brand, and gaining that coveted expert status takes time and dedication. There are no short cuts. Going viral only happens in the rarest of circumstances, so don’t rely on it.

Over to you

As you can now understand, building up your brand through blogging works but doesn’t happen overnight so the sooner you start the better. With the right training, you can get good quality blog posts out onto your website and start the process. This is what I do for my clients. Together we create a strategy you can easily follow and with the right tools and techniques, you can write your own blog posts in no time. If you prefer to outsource your writing, you’ll know what you require from the person you outsource your blogging to.

This is only one of the many strategies I teach when working with my blogging clients.
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