How a strong conclusion can help your reader to take action

Writing a proper conclusion to your blog posts is a bit like putting a bow on a gift. It finishes the whole thing off nicely. The big difference between the two is, that you could not use a bow on your gift and the recipient won’t mind too much, you’re probably using pretty wrapping paper anyways. If you leave your blog post without a proper conclusion, however, you’re doing your reader a disservice. Here’s why.

You have just educated your readers in several hundred words about a certain aspect of your business. Maybe you have shared useful advice, handy hints and tips or told an entertaining story. Don’t just leave it at that. Give your readers something concrete to do that they can apply straight away. There are different ways you can do that.

A good conclusion tells your reader what to do next

  • If you’ve explained a process, you could invite them to go ahead and do the first step now, reiterating what that is.
  • You might have shared a valuable insight. In this case, explain how they can apply this to their business or their life situation.
  • Sometimes, it may be appropriate to insert a call to action at this point such as to download your freebie or sign up to your newsletter.
  • If the post was about your product or service you could even invite people to check out your products page or get in touch for an appointment for your service.
  • Basically, give them something to do; even if it is just to read another related article.

I end all my blog posts with an Over to you section (see below). Sometimes I ask people to take action on their blogs and implement something I just spoke about. Other times I’ll ask them to like or share or comment or similar. What I choose depends partly on the content, but sometimes I simply ask them to do something I haven’t asked them to in a while, to mix things up a bit.

Over to you

Today, I invite you to go back to your last blog post and see what you did around your conclusion. Did you inspire your audience to implement your tips? If not, insert a paragraph towards the end and get your readers to take action. This could lead to them having a first success with you and wanting more of that so that they become a client. You never know.

This is only one of the many strategies I teach when working with my blogging clients.
If you want to learn more about what I do, please click here.

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Pam Edwards
3 years ago

Thanks for this great advice Isi. I do think blogging is much the same as creating a speech, but in miniature – it’s important to tell the facts in an interesting way or tell a great story and of course, every great story has a beginning, a middle and an ending.