Have a strong opinion about your subject? Voice it on your blog

Are you an expert in your field? Then you will have a strong opinion about your subject. What people should and shouldn’t do, what people must do and definitely must not do. You will have good reasons for your opinions and your expert knowledge to back them up. Then why don’t you say so?

Many blog posts are written so as not to offend anyone. Let’s be honest, I’m the last person on the planet who would want to offend. But, people sometimes need to be told what’s what. What to do and why and what to avoid and why that is important.

How to voice your strong opinion

Don’t couch your advice in phrases such as “if possible you could”, “maybe you can” or “you might not want to”. Tell people what to do in clear language. Warn them what happens if they don’t and don’t be afraid to speak up clearly for your beliefs. You are the expert, behave as such.

Also, avoid the phrase “in my opinion”. Of course, it’s your opinion or you wouldn’t be writing the post in the first place.

If you worry to come across as bossy or way too authoritative, don’t. If you can back up your opinions and advice with hard facts, credible sources and solid knowledge, people will be grateful that you are dishing out tough love. If your advice is too gentle and watery, people are often left wondering whether or not to follow the advice. Be clear, strong and open with them.

It is no wonder that books such as “Maybe it’s you – Cut the crap, face your fears” or Dan Kennedy’s “No B.S. Guide to …” series are among the top sellers on Amazon. People like it when you tell them straight what they need to do.

Over to you

Look through your last few blog posts. Are you giving advice couched in ifs and buts? Change your tactics and be stronger and more opinionated. But also back up what you’re advising with knowledge and facts and your audience will thank you. Try it and let me know what happens in the comments.

This is only one of the many strategies I teach when working with my blogging clients.
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