Stuck for content ideas? Review a book!

Running out of ideas for content? Maybe you have read a good business book recently or a book that is useful for your industry. You could publish a book review on your blog.

So how do you write a good book review?

First of all, you need to tell people, of course, which book you’re talking about. Book title, author, publisher, maybe even an ISBN number, give as much detail as possible. You can even add an image of the cover page, so that it is very clear what you’re talking about.

Then it’s probably a good idea to give a rough idea what the book is about and give a brief summary of the content for people who are not familiar with the book. You can quote from the book, but only a sentence or two, not whole paragraphs or even pages. You don’t want to run into copyright difficulties. And make it clear it’s a quote by using “quotation marks”.

After that you can get to the actual review part. Describe what you thought about the book, what you have implemented and how it has made a difference in your life and/or your business (if any).

Make sure you link to the book, either to the author’s website or to the book on Amazon. If you are set up for Amazon’s affiliate scheme, you will even make money from any click throughs that lead to book sales. Just make sure you make that obvious by explaining that you are providing an affiliate link. You can also link to the book on Goodreads.

Remember that your review will be there for a very long time and will show up in search results, so write what you honestly think, but in a respectful manner.

You might want to let the author know that you have reviewed their book. You never know, if it’s a good review they might even share it with their followers which exposes you to a whole new audience.

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Some thoughts on copyright

Some people might be worried to use cover images of books on their blogs. Don’t be. Quite often it says in the copyright notice that you may use the image in reviews. Also, by writing the review you are basically publicising the book. This can only be a good thing, even if the book review isn’t 100% positive. If you are super cautious you can always take a picture of the book yourself, such as you holding the book or take a picture of it on your shelf or your desk, etc. and include that in your review. If you are using the original image, make sure it’s from a reputable source such as Amazon or Goodreads.

Over to you

Which book have you read that you could review on your blog? And once you’ve written that review why not link to it in the comments?

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