The 2 Power Twitter Engagement Strategies You Must Employ Now

There are different strategies you can employ to increase your chances for more engagement on Twitter. Twitter engagement is not a given. Just because you post doesn’t mean people will favourite, re-tweet and click your links. You have to give them a good reason to do so.

We have already talked about creating content that people are more likely to engage with in a different article (Key Ingredients for Retweetable Tweets). But that’s not all there are a couple of other important factors.

Time your tweets wisely to improve Twitter engagement

You need to have your content in front of people’s eyeballs when they are actually online. This is probably the most important factor. Unless people are doing a search on the keywords and hashtags you have used you have to rely on them being online at exactly the same moment as your tweet goes out. Most people will not endlessly scroll through their Twitter feeds. And just to get through an hour’s worth of tweets can last a long time, depending on how many people you follow.

Use one of the Twitter research tools such as Twitonomy or Socialbro (both offer free accounts that are useful for most users) to find out when your followers are online and schedule your tweets for those time slots.

There isn’t really a hard and fast way to tell when the best time is to tweet, but most experts agree early morning isn’t. Twitter seems to heat up just before lunchtime and then tends to keep going throughout the afternoon.

If you participate in Twitter hours you’ll find yourself online in the evenings. That’s when they’re often active. A Twitter hour is certain time slot where people connect using the same hashtag such as #smallbusinesshour or #veganhour.

So the tip here is, time your tweets when your followers are online to give them the chance to interact with your content.

Engage yourself (retweet, direct tweet, participate in relevant Tweet Chats)

If you’re seen to interact with other people’s content you are more likely to be engaged with as well. You get what you give, that goes for social media interaction as well. If you never share other people’s content and only ever push your own, you will find Twitter quite a lonely yet noisy place.

So what actions can you take to be active?

  • Retweet other people’s content
  • Favourite other tweets (same as Liking on Facebook)
  • Connect with others by using direct tweets (using @ with their username)
  • Participate in relevant Twitter Chats (do a Google search with for twitter chats and your country or try international topics)

Now over to you: What will be the first thing you do to improve your Twitter engagement? Let me know in the comments.

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