Are you thinking of recruiting? Start blogging about it!

Blogging is more than just an amazing marketing tool, it can also serve many other aspects of your business. If you’re thinking about recruiting new talent into your company, then blogging can be hugely beneficial. Here’s why:

Discussing job opportunities more in-depth

If you are recruiting new people, you are probably using adverts as well as social media. These are great and will support the recruitment process, no doubt, but these tools usually have a limited word count. In comparison, a blog post allows you to really describe in depth exactly what the opening entails. You can go into details about the physical work space that your new employee will be using. You could describe duties and responsibilities in much more detail. Maybe you want to talk about existing coworkers. What’s the team like they’re going to work with? You can give a rounded picture what awaits your new hire.

Giving an insight into your company culture

What’s it like to work for your company? Do you have social events? Do you support any particular charities by participating in their events? This kind of information you can share as part of your general blogging strategy and will come in really handy when you are recruiting. It gives potential hires a really good insight into your company and whether they would gel with your culture.

Let existing employees write about their jobs. Something like “A day in the life of …” goes down well as it shows what it’s like to work for your company from an employee’s point of view.

Creating a sense of community

You can use blog posts to share employee achievements as well as awards you won as a company. Celebrating everyone’s triumphs and highlighting individual contributions will create a real sense of community among your employees. This will go a long way to attract the right kind of people who want to get involved and make their own contributions to your company’s success.

Important! Share recruiting related posts on Social Media

Of course, all this needs to be right there on your website as part of your business blog. But it is super important to share these kinds of posts on social media to cast the net wide for your recruitment efforts. You can also encourage your employees to share these types of posts so that your reach goes even further.

LinkedIn is a particularly useful platform for recruitment purposes, so I would definitely recommend you use it heavily during your recruitment phase. Whether you use any of the other platforms depends very much on your existing social media activities as well as where you think your potential hires are hanging out and who you want to attract.

Over to you

If you don’t already write posts about company culture, and what it’s like to work at your company I recommend you start sooner rather than later to build up a good set of posts. You are then ready to share them when you are ready to expand your company and start recruiting.

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This is only one of the many strategies I teach when working with my blogging clients.
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4 years ago

Excellent blog as ever from you Isi. Keep them coming… :_)

Isi Dixon
Isi Dixon
4 years ago
Reply to  Geoff

Thanks for your comment, Geoff. Glad you liked the post – stay tuned for your weekly dose. 🙂