A tool to find all the blog topics you can ever write about

As a blogging trainer, I often tell people to write about what their audience wants to read. So apart from asking them in person or on social media, what else can you do to find out what that is? As you might have guessed, there’s a tool that can help you to find relevant blog topics. It’s called “Answer the public” and it’s web-based.

answer the public

When you get to the website, a slightly grumpy looking gentlemen with an awesome beard seems to be impatiently waiting for something. I guess he represents the public waiting for their answers. Scroll down slightly and there’s a box to enter your keyword. You can also choose your language. Once you click the “Get Questions” button the system presents you with literally hundreds of topics around your subject.

When I entered my keyword “blogging”, I found 140 questions, 125 prepositions and 79 comparisons as well as 500 alphabeticals. These are presented in either a visual representation around a circle, or you can just go for lists if you prefer.

Here are some examples of blog topics from my results for some random keywords

Questions (keyword “accounting”):

  • How accounting is different from bookkeeping
  • What accounting standards are used in India
  • Which accounting software is best

Prepositions (keyword “photography”):

  • Photography without a flash
  • Photography for babies
  • Photography with mirrors

You get the idea. The tool is built from what people type into Google, so it is literally what “the public” want to know.

In the free version you get a handful of searches per day but that will be enough for most small businesses. You get such a variety and number of results that it would take you weeks to use up all the results from even one single search.

Over to you

Pop over to the Answer the Public website and see what “the public” comes up with for your keywords and you’ll never run out of blog topics again.

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