What to do when trolls or haters leave nasty blog comments

You write your blog post. You put all your knowledge, passion and soul into it. This is because you want to educate people, you want to improve their lives. And then you receive a really nasty comment, not just constructive criticism, but something really hateful and spiteful. What do you do now? Do you reply? Do you start a conversation with trolls or haters?

How do you react to trolls? What do you do?

Step 1 – pause for one moment and think whether they have a point (and they are just rubbish at putting it across). Have you made an error, maybe written something that was technically wrong? If that is the case, correct your error and move on. No need to dwell on it, we all make mistakes.

Step 2 – you realise you haven’t made a mistake and the commenter is simply a nasty person, out to get a knee jerk reaction from you. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Delete the comment, and if possible, block the commenter. It’s your blog, your property, your “house” and you don’t need to put up with nasty people in your space.

The same goes for Social Media, btw. If the comment happens on Twitter, you can’t delete it, but you can simply ignore it. If it happens regularly, you can block them. On most social media platforms you can block people, and if it’s comments on your posts, you can delete them. Report trolls and haters, so in the long run they might get banned from that platform. You really don’t need this kind of engagement.

You don't have to put up with trolls and haters. They're on your turf. Simply delete and block them. Click To Tweet

If you are witty and good with quick replies you can probably get back at them, but for the rest of us, to be honest, it’s not worth the effort to get into a shouting match. Your energy and talents are much better used to create good quality content for the vast majority of your audience who appreciate it.

Over to you

Have you had to deal with comments from trolls or haters? What did you do? Leave a comment to let us know (unless you’re a troll or hater yourself, then you know what happens to you on this blog 😉 ).

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