How to Use Blogging for List Building

Getting more traffic to your website is only one benefit of blogging. But did you know that you can use blogging for list building?

“How do you do that?” I hear you ask. There are different ways of going about it, and I’m going to explain 3 of them.

The main point is, that it’s all in the Call to Action (or CTA). You have to invite people to sign up by providing a really useful incentive.

Give people a good enough incentive and they are going to give you their email address in return. Click To Tweet

Invite people to sign up for your newsletter

You have written an interesting and useful blog post. This means you have just given away good content for free. Invite your readers to get more free content on a regular basis by subscribing to your newsletter. This, of course, means that you have to provide a regular and useful newsletter otherwise people will quite quickly unsubscribe again.

Give away a freebie as a content upgrade

This could be a cheat sheet, template, blueprint, worksheet – something that condenses the content you have just provided in clearly laid out steps and helps your readers implement what you have taught.

You can create these easily in Word, then save as a pdf. Make sure you add your branding as well as contact details. This helps people to get in touch with you easily if they get stuck. And who knows, this conversation could lead to a brand new client.

Use pop-up forms for automated list building

You can choose between different types of pop-up forms. Some will come up as soon as the web page is opened, others once the readers start scrolling or when they are about to close the window or navigate to a different one.

Personally, I prefer pop-ups that come up later, once I have consumed at least some of the page and have been able to determine whether the content is of interest. “Just before you go”-popups fit the ticket as you can either ignore them if the content wasn’t what you were looking for or they remind you to sign up to something you’d like to learn more about.

Create a special pop-up just for your blog section, that you can tailor to the blog content you provide. It could be an invite to join your newsletter for receiving regular, useful content or to download a content-rich freebie that spans more of your knowledge, such as an eBook or a report you have compiled.

Over to you

For your next blog post, see if you can create some extra content that people can download if they give you their email address in return. What can you offer?

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