How to use blogging for feedback

You are working on a project and you have hit a cross roads with several option you could go. Or you are thinking about upgrading your products/services but don’t know which way to go. Or maybe you are thinking of adding another product or service to your offer but you’re not sure which one. Believe it or not, blogging can help. You can use blogging for feedback. Here’s how:

Your options for using blogging for feedback

You can describe your whole project in a blog post. Then give people the options you have so far come up with and invite them to comment with their answers. Get ready for receiving even more options you’d never have thought of if people in your blogging community really get into it. People love to give their opinions.

You can also use an online survey tool, such as Survey Monkey which is free to use for basic surveys up to 100 responses. It allows you to embed the questionnaire in your blog so people can answer directly on your page.

Make sure you share the article on Social Media (as always) and let people know that you’re asking for their feedback.

Another way to use blogging for feedback is to give the basic question and options on Social Media and let people interact directly on Social Media. If people want more background information, you will have written a more thorough piece on your blog that you link to. You can then either invite people to comment on the blog or invite them with a link back to Social Media to leave their feedback.

Over to you

Whichever way you decide to go, make sure that you give all necessary details so people can give their opinion without having to ask too many follow-up questions. You don’t want to have to spend hours answering questions you could have easily included in the original writeup. Only talk about what you’re comfortable sharing, you don’t want to give too much away, but know that you will be able to get very useful insights.

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