What shall I tweet? Twitter Content for Beginners

If you or your business are new to Twitter you are probably thinking “What do I do on Twitter? What shall I tweet?”.  It’s a question I get asked regularly by my clients and at networking events.  There is a very simple answer:

Whatever you think people will find interesting
and you can convey a meaningful message in 140 characters or less.

Twitter content doesn’t have to be rocket science.

So here are the kinds of things you could tweet about:

Business related tweets: some experts recommend to only make 1/10 of your tweets business related others say apply the 80/20 rule (with 20% being business related tweets). Whichever ratio you go with make sure your business related tweets are interesting and fun. What would you react to positively?

And what else can you tweet about? To stay “twitterific”, provide good Twitter content from any of the following categories:

Personal Tweets: one or two tweets a day of personal information such as a movie you want to see, or a nice trip you took, or how you just got a puppy. All these things are interesting and tell people that you are a real person behind the company image. They’re getting to know you. Don’t fall into the trap of giving minute updates of everything you do. People (other than your mum) are not interested and will tune out and unfollow you.

Getting to know your business tweets: post pictures of what you have done in the past if that’s at all possible or how an existing client is using your product. Or pictures of an item on the menu if you’re a restaurant or café. Or is there anything fun you could share? This is not the time to be salesy.

Inspirational Quotes: whatever you find inspirational, other people might also get inspired by. You can either re-tweet quotes you come across or post your own. Here are two great resources for inspirational quotes: Brainy Quote and Inspirational Quotes.

Community Related Posts: Whether you run a local business or want to go global you are part of a community. This could be the book community if you’re in publishing or your local area community if you run a neighbourhood shop. What do people in your community find interesting? What do they talk about? These are likely posts that get retweeted and get you more exposure.

Up-to-date News: You don’t have to repeat news headlines parrot fashion but you can pick out what you find interesting and give your personal angle to the story.

Add links or pictures to make your tweets more interesting and retweetable. Be aware, however, that this type of Twitter content also take up some of your 140 characters.

Are your tweets of a different nature than the ones mentioned above? What do you tweet about? Share in the comments.

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