WordPress Scheduling – How to write your blog posts in advance

If you blog regularly you might not always be in the mood, frame of mind or have the time to blog at exactly the time interval you’ve set out to keep. You might be more the type of person who likes to get into the zone with your writing, let the creative juices flowing and write a few blog posts in a row. Do you then have to get online on the right days to post your blog articles? Of course not! You can use the built-in WordPress scheduling tool. And if you don’t use WordPress, there is probably something similar in your blogging software.

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Step-by-step WordPress Scheduling

When you create a new post, there is a section on the left that gives you publishing options. It looks like this:

Wordpress scheduling - publishing options

In the centre of this section is the option where you can set when to publish the article. It is set to Publish immediately by default. If you click on the Edit link next to it, you can change the date and time to whatever you like.

Wordpress scheduling - publishing options

Simply click into the field you want to change (month, day, year, hour or minute), type the required date, then click OK.

If you missed, say, last week’s publishing date, you can set the date in the past. If you want to publish at any point in the future, you can do that, too.

If you change the publishing date to a future date, the Publish button at the bottom will become a Schedule button (see image below).

Wordpress scheduling - future publishing

Once you have finished your blog post, click the Publish (or Schedule) button and you’re set to go.

Over to you

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