How much should you write/share about your subject on your blog

One of the main benefits of blogging is that it contributes massively to establishing yourself as an expert in your field. You can, of course, only do that if you go deep into your subject.

You probably have to go into a lot more detail than you might feel comfortable with, especially at the beginning. The thing is though, with blogging, as with most other content marketing tools, you can’t give away too much. In a previous article, I wrote about the worry that some people might have about giving away too much free content. The basic take-away is, don’t worry about it. If you want to know why, please re-read the article.

Now that we have clarified the bit that might be stopping you, how much should you write? That depends on how much you know to be honest. If you are an expert on your subject and you want to be known as such, let people in. Tell them all the whys and wherefores around your subject. This will give you tons of material for your blog posts.

Remember that just because you don’t talk about something on your blog, doesn’t mean other experts in your field won’t. Don’t be surprised if they also get the business as they provide more value upfront.

What you might want to keep to yourself about your subject

Of course, you don’t want to give away anything that is literally a trade secret. You don’t want to share the secret formulas and classified ingredients of your “secret sauce”.

You also probably don’t want to share the how. That should be reserved for your paying clients.

You could, however, be of a different school of thought: telling people everything in the hope that they realise that it involves so much work they wouldn’t possibly want to do it all themselves. This works for many experts.

Over to you

What’s your opinion about this topic? I would really like to know. Share it in a comment, and we can have a chat about it. 😊

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