What to write when you don’t know what to write – Strategies for Writer’s Block

Once you’ve been blogging for a few months, you might reach a point where you run out of things to write about – or so you think. You have just run out of ideas for the moment, but don’t let that stop you. This is where you start applying the tricks of the trade, i.e. what professional writers do when Writer’s Block hits them. Here are some ideas.

Do some research

Professional writers do a lot of research and use what they find. This doesn’t mean they copy from others (this is called plagiarism and is ILLEGAL!!). They let ideas from other writers inspire their own. Because there are a lot of topics out there that your readers would be interested in and you just haven’t thought about writing them yet. So go and have a look on big wide web, or look through magazines and newspapers. See what you haven’t covered yet and put your own spin on it.

Re-use old material

Have a look through your older articles and see if they are still relevant. If they need updating, do so and make a note just below the headline, that this is an updated version. Then go ahead and put it back out there via social media and email marketing, letting everyone know you’ve updated this thing.

If the article is completely outdated, then simply write a brand new article on the subject with all the bright and shiny new knowledge that you can share. You might want to make a note in the original article that there is a new, updated blog post out there and link to it.

Keep a diary

Be aware of your surroundings and what happens in your business. And when you come across a real gem that makes you think “this could be a blog post”, write it down. Keep a little notebook for that purpose or use an app on your smartphone to capture ideas. The basic Notes app on my iPhone is my go-to tool. If I don’t write these things down, I’ll forget them (but maybe I’m just showing my age here).

Over to you

So what do you do when inspiration is leaving you in the lurch? Please share your experience in the comments.

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