Writing about YOU vs the rest of your industry

Today I’m answering a question that was posed to me recently. “Should I write about what I do and how I do it or should I talk about what my industry does in general?” Good question. In my opinion, the short quick answer would be “Do both!” Here’s why.

If you only ever write about what everyone else does, you’ll probably write what everyone else writes. It’ll be a lot of regurgitation and not much new information. It’s probably the “safe” way to blog, but let’s be honest, who want to play it safe all the time?

If you only ever write about your own tips and techniques, you will probably run out of material to write about quite quickly and it can also become quite one-sided. You’re not showing your work in the wider context of what others are doing.

If, on the other hand, you do both, your blog will become a balanced and interesting place to come to. You’re showing industry information, general tips and tricks, but also your own take on things and how you make it your own. Share what inspires you, what doesn’t, and how you solve various issues or problems. Talk about the past and the present of your industry by sharing both, its history and future trends.

You can even combine your own work with that of others when you point out what makes you different. How do you do things that others can’t or won’t? Why do you do things differently? Maybe you could write a controversial post that talks about why you disagree with the rest of your industry on certain topics. The possibilities are endless.

Over to you

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