But what if all my blog posts are trivial? Writing basic blog posts.

When you first start to blog, there is a certain worry that all your ideas are quite trivial. You want to write posts that are really different and really show what you know but you are worried that you are basically teaching your grandma to suck eggs. And you really don’t want to do that. You don’t want to be obvious and write only basic blog posts, telling people what they already know. Trust me, you won’t.

Just because you know your subject really well doesn’t mean everyone else does. Chances are very high most people know little to nothing about what you do. And explaining something really basic is not trivial for them. It gives them an insight that you didn’t even know was an insight, it’s so logical to you.

Unless they are an expert in your field, people will appreciate when you explain basic concepts. This means that you won’t lose them in your blog post. Explain jargon every time you use it so that people who are not in your field know what you are talking about. For me, SEO is an everyday word. For most people, it’s 3 letters meaning … what exactly? (It’s search engine optimisation btw. and covers everything you can do so your website ranks better in search engines).

But what if you’re writing an expert blog?

If you write your blog articles for other experts, go ahead, use jargon and come up with highbrow articles that are only of interest to fellow experts in your area. Otherwise, please come down to our level and explain simple ideas, give advice that you think most people should know anyway (and don’t) and simply dumb it down a bit for us non-experts. Write basic blog posts!

Some of my blog articles come from really basic questions that people have asked me. And these are the type of articles that do the best. It’s a bit like at school. Only some people are brave enough to actually ask the questions that most people want to know. Most people, however, are too worried to look stupid if they ask basic questions and are grateful that someone speaks up. So please, do all those people a favour and don’t talk over their heads. They’ll thank you for it by signing up to your newsletter or downloading your freebies in exchange for their email address because they realise you are someone who speaks their language. They might even want to buy from you!

Over to you

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